We at Nathan’s Trains have been an Australian representative for Marklin and TRIX since 1998. In addition we also offer and stock some BRAWA, ESU stock items from time to time.We attempt to provide friendly and personable service through and verbal and written communication. We certainly do not claim to be the biggest or the smartest, but we try to be competitive and responsive.

All orders are processed online (preferably via email). Stockroom viewings are available upon request. 

Contact Us via the following:

Phone: 0418 541 026
Email: ntnt98@bigpond.com
Alternatively you can contact us through our Contact Form.

As a family-run business with global connections you can view our Principal Showroom in Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

Malaysian Contact: Phillip – trainsnt@gmail.com

Subang Jaya, Malaysia Premises

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